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The Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies (BSRT, graduate school 203 of the German Excellence Initiative) offers interdisciplinary training and research opportunities in the field of Regenerative Medicine for outstanding doctoral and postdoctoral researchers with a background in the biological, engineering or clinical disciplines. Young scientists at the BSRT benefit from our worldwide unique approach to foster collaborative science (BioThinking) and work within a strong and intellectually stimulating network of institutions and scientists.

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tn3843 Graduation - Congratulation
Tilman Sauter, BSRT student at the Institute of Biomaterial Science graduated on 16 June 2015. His thesis is entitled "Function by Structure - Microstructural Approaches to Tailor Surface, Mechanical and Shape-Memory Properties of Porous Polymer Structures".
tn4489 Graduation - Congratulation
Susann Minkwitz, BSRT student at the Julius Wolff Institute graduated on 3 July 2015. Her thesis is entitled "Untersuchung von Signalwegen in Rattenmodellen mit unterschiedlichen Knochenheilungsstörungen".
tn1888 Graduation - Congratulation
Ivo Panov, BSRT student at the Institute of Medical Immunology graduated on 13 April 2015. His thesis is entitled "Transcriptional control of tolerance associated gene TCAIM in dendritic cells".