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The Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies (BSRT, graduate school 203 of the German Excellence Initiative) offers interdisciplinary training and research opportunities in the field of Regenerative Medicine for outstanding doctoral and postdoctoral researchers with a background in the biological, engineering or clinical disciplines. Young scientists at the BSRT benefit from our worldwide unique approach to foster collaborative science (BioThinking) and work within a strong and intellectually stimulating network of institutions and scientists.

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Call for application to the BSRT doctoral programme is open! 

Deadline for applicaion is the 10.11.2016. Please click here for more details.                                                                                                               


New Einstein Centre in Regenerative Therapies will be launched 
The new Einstein Centre in the field of regenerative therapies is a joint initiative of the BSRT and BCRT. The participating scientists of this Centre aim to improve the care of patients whose own healing processes are compromised. This includes, amongst others, humans with immune deficiency, diabetics or elderly patients with disorders or diseases of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular or immune systems, for which no satisfactory treatment options are currently available. To begin with, the researchers want to understand the possible causes of the altered healing mechanisms in order to then specifically develop targeted therapies. [click here for more...]
tn5041 Graduation - Congratulation
Christine Consentius, BSRT student at the Institute for Medical Immunology graduated on 28 September 2016. Her thesis is entitled "Inhibition of the crosstalk between dendritic, natural killer and T cells by mesenchymal stromal/stem cells".